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Sunshine State front cover Mark Burrows is an 'invisible man', a British secret agent adept at moving through the most hostile environments. Summoned for one final mission, he must venture into the Storm Zone, an anarchic region of the United States racked by devastating hurricanes, dangerous cults, criminal gangs and insurgent armies. He has to locate his former colleague, Charlie Ashe, a master of guerrilla warfare. Ten years ago the two men worked undercover in Iraq, sowing bloody mayhem with bombings and assassinations. Then Ashe disappeared...

... Until now.

Appearing with a new name and a terrifying new agenda, Ashe is a formidable mastermind whose activities threaten the entire order of Western power. Burrows embarks on a fearful journey into the chaos of the Storm Zone, where he faces a terrible reckoning with his past.

Sunshine State is an exhilarating literary thriller and an astonishing vision of the near future by the acclaimed author of Lost Boys.

Mark followed the dense tangle of rubbish along the shore, a vast, sterile barrier reef of plastic in all colours and sizes.

Ruined buildings dotted the expanse of the beach, their warped forms and gutted foundations giving the merest hint of the metropolis that stood before. Confronted with such destruction, he found it hard to believe that ten years ago Miami had been a thriving, cosmopolitan city of six million.

Now, only mocking traces remained.

Shimmering on the horizon, a skyline of fragmentary towers, luxury condominiums and hotel skyscrapers like corroded stalagmites rising from the antediluvian plain.

Above it all, the sky was opaque, a cataract across the dark eye of heaven.

Again, he heard the voice of Kalat: "This is a time for last things. This is a time of endings", his words whispered dry mouthed as shards of glass.

Behind him, he saw one plume of dust and then another ...