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Beacons: Stories for our Not So Distant Future

Beacons I am excited to have a story, What is Left to See, in the anthology Beacons: Stories For Our Not So Distant Future.

Beacons was published by OneWorld in March 2013. Contributors include: Joanne Harris, Liz Jensen, AL Kennedy, Alasdair Gray, Toby Litt, Tom Bullough, Clare Dudman, Rodge Glass, Adam Marek, Lawrence Norfolk, myself and many others.

Read more about the anthology here.

Buy it on Amazon here.

What is Left to See is available from Amazon as a single story e-book download for just 49p.

Follow the anthology on Twitter @Beacons_Stories.

All profits go to Stop Climate Chaos.

Click here to read about how I became involved in the project, my contribution and my fears about climate change.

Still: A Literary Art Book

Still I'm pleased to have a story in Still, a collection inspired by the photography of Roelof Bakker and edited by Nicholas Royle.

Writers were invited by artist-photographer Roelof Bakker to select a photograph from his project Still, an investigation of vacated interior spaces at Hornsey Town Hall in north London, and to write a story transferring this source photograph to a new place with a fresh meaning - away from the original physical setting.

The book includes entirely new writing by: Richard Beard, Andrew Blackman, SJ Butler, Myriam Frey, SL Grey, Tania Hershman, James Higgerson, Justin Hill, Nicholas Hogg, Ava Homa, Aamer Hussein, Nina Killham, Deborah Klaassen, Sarah Ladipo Manyika, Claire Massey, Jan Van Mersbergen, Barbara Mhangami-Ruwende, James Miller, Mark Piggott, Mary Rechner, David Rose, Nicholas Royle, Preeta Samarasan, Jan Woolf, Evie Wyld and Xu Xi, and was published in September 2012.

Read more at www.neg-press.com.

Click here to read a Q&A in which I discuss my contribution to Still.

Other recent publications

My short story Quiet Evenings in the Moriglen Care Home is available online from innovative new publishers The Pigeonhole.

Exploding Zombie Cock, my satire on Brooklyn's 'alt-lit' scene, is now available from the amazing Galley Beggar Press for just £1.

Read my Lovecraft pastiche The Red Mist online in Litro Magazine.

Read my short story Area 52 in Litro magazine.

Read my essay Micro-narratives of the Everyday on social media, technology and the novel in the Augmented Reality issue of Litro magazine.

My short story Girl 3 has been reprinted by 3:AM magazine.
Read it here.

Read my story Hope's End in A Dream Of Stone, a collection of post-modern ghost stories from avant-garde publishers Paraphilia Books. You can buy copies here.

Read my story Life is Not Fair in the debut issue of Antique Children: A Mischievous Literary Journal.

Read my story Eat My Face about redneck meth-head vampire hunters (!) in issue VII of Paraphilia Magazine. Be warned, this issue is ADULTS ONLY!

Read my story Not One Stone in issue VI of Paraphilia Magazine for a glimpse into the nightmarish world of Sunshine State. The issue also contains an excellent analysis of Lost Boys.

Read my story Fragments of Another in the special Doppelganger issue of Paraphilia magazine and my story Dreams of the Lost Children in Antique Children magazine.

Work in progress

With the support of an Arts Council grant for writers, I have started writing my third novel, Capitalist Punishment. More details to follow in time.

Short stories

My short stories have appeared in the following anthologies:

The Time Out Book of London Walks 1
ed. Andrew White (Penguin: London, 1998)

Neon Lit: The Time Out Book of New Writing Volume 1
ed. Nicholas Royle (Quartet: London, 1998)

The Ex-Files
ed. Nicholas Royle (Quartet: London, 1998)

Dark Terrors 4
eds. David Sutton & Stephen Jones (Victor Gollancz: London, 1998)

Dark Terrors 2
eds. David Sutton & Stephen Jones (Victor Gollancz: London, 1996)

A Book of Two Halves
ed. Nicholas Royle (Victor Gollancz: London, 1996)

The Tiger Garden: A Book of Writer's Dreams
ed. Nicholas Royle (Serpentís Tail, 1996)

Last Rites and Resurrections
ed. Andy Cox (TTA Press, 1995)

American literature

My other work about African-American literature and Civil Rights has appeared in the following academic journals:

Journal of American Studies 42, (2008)
"What does it mean to be an American?" The Dialectics of Self-Discovery in Baldwin's 'Paris Essays' (1950-61)"

European Journal of American Culture, (forthcoming)
"Integration, Transformation and the Redemption of America: The Fire Next Time and ĎA Letter From Birmingham Jail' "